Unity in Arts

On April 18, 2017, the first ever Unity in Arts ceremony took place at the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History. This event featured a variety of cultural talents in order to celebrate the vital topics of diversity and inclusion. The art displayed was presented in many forms: Persian calligraphy, spoken word poetry, Quran recitation, lion dancing, violin performance and traditional latin american dance. Each artistic demonstration exemplified a common or revered cultural practice and was met by an appreciative audience, eager to witness the exceptional exhibits of skill and prowess. An international buffet was also incorporated, allowing the adventurous among us to sample home-cooked creations, highlighting customary dishes from different cultural backgrounds. 


Overall, the first ever Unity in Arts observance was a smashing success that promises to become a staple of international events, honoring the plethora of cultural and religious affiliations OU has to offer through the beloved medium of art.

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