Brexit and the Future of Europe

Sir Roger Scruton, renowned author and British citizen, in an informative lecture, discussed the series of events that lead up to Britain’s controversial decision to leave the European Union and the implications this decision. The reasoning behind such a drastic measure he claims lies within the Treaty of Rome, first enacted in 1957. The Treaty of Rome was meant to be merely an economic trade system, but it conferred on itself unlimited legislative power without an electorate. Sixty percent of laws passed by Parliament were proposed by the European Union. Britain suffered severely from this inflexible document and reforms are nearly impossible with its demand for a majority consensus (some 27 sovereign states) to impose alterations. Meanwhile, massive migration took its toll on Britain, as many from the Middle East and North Africa fled to the English speaking country. Predominately patriotic, Britain has adopted a nationalistic perspective that could not support any ties to an outside governing force.

When the referendum was called, government officials should have stepped back from the issue, allowing British citizens to decide for themselves on this important topic. Instead, propaganda was forced down their throats, creating an atmosphere of mistrust and rebelliousness. Therefore, when it came time to vote many voted against what they felt the government was forcing upon them, despite what research or logic may have led them on their own to believe.

Now, as Britain has voted to separate from the European Union, a new precedent has been established. Government officials did not really establish a back up plan in the case of an exit, thus revealing the referendum to have been a mere formality on their part. Britain will have to restructure trade with most of Western Europe and rework many of its relations with foreign neighbors. Who knows what country will follow in Britain’s footsteps or if a new trade agreement could be reached? Only time will tell.

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