Aurora Oklahomis

Nothing quite brings people together like a lovely stroll through a Christmas light display. At least, this is the mindset of the OU Cousins program. After a glorious forty-five minute drive, we are greeted with the sight of forty-three acres of light filled goodness.

img_1793 img_1821

Chilly is an understatement for the weather we were thrust into once exiting the vehicle. Winter has hit unexpectedly and inconveniently, skipping autumn altogether. The frigid air congregates closest to the water, but the way the light reflects off the waves beckons even the most frozen human-icicles among us.


img_1853 img_1862

We trek through the sparkling forest to the steaming warmth of hot chocolate, which has never felt more deserved or appreciated. OU Cousins knows how to you show a good time, and this night was no exception. Despite the frosted state we returned in, I would easily wager the general consensus offers rave reviews.

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